Saturday, Jun 03, 2023

Get Involved

There are many great ways you can help Terre Haute Ministries make an impact for Christ in the city.

Volunteer: There are many great volunteer opportunities, either on a one-time or regular basis, that you can be involved with to make a difference in Terre Haute.  THM is connected with a great network of organizations and can help you get involved in a meaningful volunteer opportunity, that will not only impact the city but also your life as well.

Internship: THM has an internship for those that are interested in learning about community ministry.  You will gain valuable experiences in a variety of areas, like leadership, coordinating, communicating and serving that will help you in whatever career you choose.

Donating: Making a difference in the lives of people sometimes requires financial involvement.  You can help make a difference in the community by contributing financially to Terre Haute Ministries.

How does my church become a member? We would love for all churches in Terre Haute to be involved with THM.  First, check and see if your church is a member.  If not, please contact Director Honnolara Hubbard for details on how your church can be involved in THM.

How does my organization partner with THM? Partnerships and working together are the key to great community ministry.  THM would love to talk with your organization about how a partnership can be beneficial to your organization.  Please contact Director Honnolara Hubbard.