Saturday, Jun 03, 2023

Meet the Need

Meet The Need at long last brings outreach into the 21st century. Meet The Need customized leading edge business technology to enable churches, ministries, and individuals to easily find and act on opportunities to help those in need. We are a 501c3 Public Charity, not a business – our sole objective is to help people fulfill the Great Commission by:

  • Mobilizing the Christian community to get out of the “4 walls” of the church to meet needs in Jesus’ name…giving more than help, but hope
  • Moving churches beyond occasional outreach events, providing opportunities for members to meet day-to-day, recurring needs on THEIR schedule
  • Helping churches provide service and ministry outlets to those sitting in the church pews, many of whom are looking for avenues to live out their faith
  • Dispelling the notion that churches are about “inflow” more than “outflow” by enabling them to impact their communities through loving acts of service
  • Bringing the Christian community together to serve their communities through collective outreach efforts using a common, state-of-the-art platform
  • Putting Christians directly in touch with those in need, giving them opportunities to share not only their time and talents, but their faith as well

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