Saturday, Jun 03, 2023


Charity Tracker – Our web based software that allows each participating THM member church to track the needs that are being met.  Each church inputs the assistance that they provide through Lifeline referrals along with having access to all assistance provided by other members.  Learn more about at the Charity Tracker page.

Day of Blessing – Organized work days to make a difference in Terre Haute.  We have begun to start planning our 2010 Day of Blessing.  If you are interested in helping with the organization of this event, please contact Honnalora Hubbard.  Details will be coming shortly on how you, your church or organization can get involved in serving in this year’s event.

Emergency Volunteer Management – THM is building a team of volunteers that can help both our community and other regions when an emergency or disaster strikes.  Te Kyle is leading the volunteer task force in recruiting and training.  The goal is to build a group of prepared individuals from the body of Christ who can rapidly respond as a team to assist local responders, communities, private agencies and/or state and federal agencies in an emergency or disaster.  Through our partnership with the local EMA we offered our first group of 20+ volunteers emergency management training in March 2010.