Impact Programs

Bringing together a global community of actors, and leveraging the insights from our Higg Index tools, we provide a space for small and big brands, retailers, manufacturers, and affiliates, as well as other interested stakeholders, to share and learn in a pre-competitive environment.


No one company or individual alone can solve the systemic challenges impacting our climate, nature and communities. Building on our tools and insights, and our unique convening power, our action-centered approach now encompasses three strategic pillars. Underpinning these pillars are our core impact programs, designed to influence and guide our members to deliver tangible impacts.

We want to make sure everyone’s voices are heard and we are committed to facilitating collaborative conversations that lead to action and impact at scale,  as we strive to achieve a shared purpose that benefits all.

This work began in 2022 with the launch of our Decarbonization Program, and we will be adding more programs shortly.


Our first collective action program is focused on the urgency to decarbonize the consumer goods industry. The Decarbonization Program is designed to drive SBT adoption and reduction in emissions across industry.

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Please reach out if you are interested in getting involved in our impact programs.

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