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Partnership is the new leadership. It is the driving force behind transformative change in the consumer goods industry. Through collaborative efforts with like-minded organizations, we are reshaping the industry and paving the way for a sustainable future.

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Partnering for Success

We recognize evolution is a collective endeavor. This shift towards impact demands teamwork. Working with various industry stakeholders, from policymakers to value chain partners, our focus is to break down silos and collaborate on collective solutions. Our partnerships are designed to spark innovation, where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but are deemed essential for problem-solving. They are also designed to drive greater efficiency and remove duplication, ensuring we each remain focused on our own areas of strength to accelerate our collective efforts. 

Partnership is the new leadership. The challenges we face are monumental, and we can’t afford to operate in silos. Whether it’s working with Aii, Reset Carbon, and GIZ on decarbonization, or our collaborations with The Industry We Want, SLCP, and the OECD on social progress—our alliances propel us toward a brighter, more sustainable future.

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All Partners

Our work brings us together with partners from across the value chain, as we collaborate to drive positive change toward shared goals that help deliver impact at scale. Check out the partners in our ecosystem.

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Learn more about our collective efforts and initiatives in recent partnerships.

Become a Partner

Join us in driving collective action for long-term sustainable impact. We welcome discussions with all value chain partners and are keen to explore ways we can align on shared goals and work collaboratively to create impact at scale.

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