Cascale Releases 2024 Policy Priorities, Urging Collective Action for Industry-Wide Change

  • Policy and Legislation
April 18, 2024

Cascale has released its 2024 Policy Priorities.

Rooted in the organization’s strategic plan, Cascale outlines eight key policy areas of focus aimed at fostering impactful change and driving industry-wide transformation by aligning policymakers and stakeholders toward sustainable solutions.

“As we face mounting environmental and social challenges, collective action is essential to achieve a more sustainable future,” said Elisabeth von Reitzenstein, senior director of public affairs at Cascale. “Through these policy priorities, we call on policymakers to work hand-in-hand with industry stakeholders to create a level playing field and foster innovation that benefits both people and the planet.”

As the world prepares for the impact of key elections in pivotal countries like India, Pakistan, the U.S., the U.K., and within the European Parliament, 2024 presents a unique opportunity to shape policy and influence decision-making. Cascale recognizes the importance of articulating its global policy priorities to policymakers worldwide, aiming to advance a more sustainable consumer goods industry. The policy priorities were developed collaboratively with Cascale’s Public Affairs Strategic Council, which is composed of globally dispersed public affairs specialists from brands, manufacturers, NGOs, and trade associations.

In the face of pressing global challenges such as environmental degradation, social injustice, and economic volatility, Cascale’s strategic plan centers around three foundational impact goals: combating climate change, ensuring decent work for all, and shaping a nature-positive future. Cascale’s 2024 Policy Priorities, which directly stem from its strategic plan and impact goals, include eight identified priorities for global policymakers:

  • Harmonizing global regulatory frameworks
  • Fostering collaborative partnerships
  • Driving change through data collection
  • Promoting low-carbon tech and a sustainable, just, and fair energy transition
  • Promoting responsible business and purchasing practices
  • Streamlining circular design practices.
  • Establishing a common framework for green claims
  • Harmonizing waste mitigation efforts

A key message across the eight priorities is the imperative of data-driven solutions and the necessity of fostering collaborative partnerships between policymakers, businesses, and civil society. Cascale champions a balanced approach that acknowledges both the imperative of global standards and the nuances of regional contexts.

On the EU level and in line with Cascale’s collaborative spirit, Cascale partners with the Policy Hub, an initiative that unites the apparel and footwear industry to speak in one voice and propose policies that accelerate circular practices. This collaboration ensures the alignment of policy recommendations and synergy in the organizations’ advocacy efforts. The Policy Hub’s “Policy Recommendations for the 2024-2029 EU Mandate” serves as the EU-specific policy papers for Cascale. Additionally, Cascale is planning further collaborative efforts with its global Public Affairs Strategic Council members to draft region-specific policy recommendations for the Asia-Pacific and U.S. regions.

Collaborating closely with key partners like Worldly, the exclusive platform provider of the Higg Index suite of tools, alongside other external stakeholders and policymakers, Cascale is dedicated to empowering its members to navigate emerging requirements effectively. Together, we’re determined to drive positive, lasting change within the consumer goods industry, forging a path toward a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

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